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What to Expect in a Session

With the help of specialized assessment tools and proven techniques I will help you gain clarity around the root of your issue. Through a combination of guided visualization, energy movement with EFT tapping, and accessing your innate healing power we will clear any negative beliefs or other blocks that are keeping you from your goals. From there we can create a clear plan to live more in alignment with your core values and desires. I can also use my astrological knowledge where appropriate to gain greater guidance on an issue. This process does require the willingness to go deep but the benefits are a lasting change that will ultimately leave you feeling lighter and more empowered. The more blocks we work through the easier it will be to move forward and live a stress free life that truly feeds your soul and connects you with your purpose as well as with others who resonate with you.

A woman in a naturally lit room sitting on a comfy carpet typing on a computer
In a Session
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