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My Fire

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Neon words saying Human, Desire, Hope, Dream, Need arranged in a circle splayed outward
Photo by Stéphan Valentin on Unsplash

I want to be supported!

I can feel my body scream

Why is it so hard to feel supported?

Maybe because the system does not support me

Maybe because as a human being, a person who has needs, I am not supported

I’m not a fucking machine

I don’t want to be embarrassed about my needs, to ask for my needs,

to have my needs met

Hi, I am courageous, and I have needs

I am a hard worker, and I have needs

I am a compassionate freedom fighter, and I have needs

Can we still work together?

Can we still live together?

Can we still love together?

Is there space for me here? Anywhere?

I sure fucking hope so because I have gifts to give

But, I am tired of compromising my needs

Tired of being told I need to be something else

to make it

to survive

to be loved

Not anymore

It may be a scary road but I am not held by fear anymore

Not interested in nonconsensual bondage

Not interested in being a slave

A shell of a human body that just warms a spot on this Earth

Let my fire burn

Let my mouth speak

Let my body dance

Let me live a life that is worth living rather than plot my own death

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