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Even as the old crumbles away

I can feel the tiny tendrils pull of past conditioning

Making a final attempt at domination

The silhouette of a woman dancing in the sunlight with clouds above. Her arms are spread wide and the sun shines through her skirt.
Photo by Darius Bashar

Even as I start to find my wings and fly

There is a treacherous wind that knocks me from side to side

I must be strong and centered in this storm

I must sway and be a flexible form amongst the pillars of rigidity

Who I am is a f*ck you to the patriarchy

Who I am is a rebellion to the strict structures

I belong. I am worthy of being.


I am my own validation

My own accepted norm

Amongst the shoulds and shouldn'ts, the shame frail forms

I stand tall in my truth

And call my body my throne

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