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Meet Starlight

Certified Life Coach & Energy Healer


Your History is not your Destiny

Hi, my name is Starlight Rainbow and I’m excited that you’re looking into what it will take for you to live a more heart centered and fulfilling life! It has been a long journey for me on this path. Since I was very young I knew I wanted to inspire others and make a difference in people’s lives. On my journey I volunteered for the Peace Corps and lived in Mongolia for over two years, and then taught in Japan for a year, and eventually worked in public education in New York City for five years. While I was mostly successful in teaching I didn’t feel truly fulfilled and my day to day life was not sustainable. I suffered from stress and anxiety and heavily relied on the expertise of others rather than following my own inner guidance. I was fast approaching depression and was largely disconnected from my body which was clearly communicating that what I was doing was not working for me - I was sick often! 

I continued to push through despite clear warning signs of burnout - as society often teaches us to - and then I was forced to reflect when I moved back to Oregon and experienced a break in my full time employment. The time away helped me realize just how exhausted I was! I knew I had gifts to give but it was clear that I couldn’t operate in such a confined environment. It wasn't an easy decision after spending so much time and money on getting a master's in teaching but I had to honor myself. I started the process of reconnecting with myself for what felt like the first time. I dove deeper into my established interest in astrology and joined a meditation community that strengthened my already daily practice. This helped me connect to universal energies and tap into feeling my emotions and body in a way that I hadn’t before. Habitual patterns came up and I started to see how much I had been operating from past programming and behaviors that were really not serving me. That was when I decided I wanted and deserved something different and better!

I started a coaching program that helped me work through these deeper patterns and supported me in visualizing something more for myself - the spark in me lit up! It was like the universe was saying: this is what you’re here to do! My purpose has always been to inspire and empower others to connect to their own soul guidance and express their unique gifts. Of course I hadn’t felt fulfilled before because I wasn't able to fully do that in school. I was also operating from unconscious patterning that was keeping me stuck in stress and anxiety and unable to access my truth and express my desires. I couldn’t help others until I helped myself - such a simple yet deeply truthful fact. Now that I'm in alignment with my truth I feel more calm and satisfied than ever. I’m ready to reach out and support others on this important path of finding peace and satisfaction on their life path.


I truly believe this is how we will create a better world and I am ready to do my part.  

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