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Soul Guidance with Starlight
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Meet Starlight

Certified Life Coach & Energy Healer

I've been on a long journey of self discovery  and connection. For a large part of my life I looked to others for validation rather than connecting to my own inner values and guidance. This led to anxiety, stress, and burnout. 

This behavior not only affected me it also impacted my relationships. I knew I couldn’t continue to determine my self worth from external sources. I needed to align more fully with my own heart and soul.

I started a multi-year process of connecting to my body and heart, learning to value myself, and clearing blocks that prevented me from acting in a way that served my highest self. My stress and anxiety levels went way down!

I refused to work myself to the point of burnout anymore. 

Now that I'm living a life in alignment with my core values and purpose I'm experiencing more calm, peace, and satisfaction! I would love to help you do the same. The journey isn't easy, in fact it's imperative to have support, which is why I'm here to help guide you along your path of growth and healing. Let me help you live the life you want and deserve.

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You are your own authority

Let Me Help You

Live a More Empowered Life

Overcome Anxiety

Heal Self Abandonment Issues

Create Healthy Boundaries

Connect with your Soul Purpose


I am here to support you in this magical, powerful journey. All you need to do is make the choice to invest in yourself.

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How We Can Work Together

Free Discovery Session

Let's meet for a free discovery session! 

This free session will allow us to connect, learn about one another, and help us decide how I can best support you. 

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Soul Purpose Program

Gain Clarity on your Unique Soul Purpose with the help of Astrology!

Accelerate your soul growth with a session a week for a 3 week period

Build your Confidence to Fully Express yourself and live a more Empowered life!

Solidify your self trust in this 2 month program

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In this 60 minute session we'll focus on an issue that is most important to you. 

A Single One Time Session

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Phone: 971-394-0886

Portland, OR

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